Be In The Comfort Zone Always
  • H speed rated, 13-15 inch tyres
  • Stable handling performance at high speed
  • Excellent handling in wet and dry conditions
  • Low external and in-cabin noise levels for a comfortable ride

Tyre Size Load Index & Speed Rating Type
155/70/R14 77/T TL
175/65/R14 82/H TL
175/70/R14 84/T/H TL
185/60/R15 84/T TL


Amazer 3G

Long life, fuel efficient
  • T rated, tubeless tyre.
  • Longer tread life.
  • Reduced unsprung mass for fuel efficiency.
  • Optimal gauges for supreme cushioning for ride comfort

Tyre Size Load Index & Speed Rating Type
135/70/R12 65/S TL
145/80/R13 75/T TL
155/65/R12 71/S TL
155/65/R14 75/T TL
155/70/R13 75/T TL
155/80/R13 79/T TL
165/80/R14 85/T TL



Limited Edition
  • First-of-its-kind in the Indian tyre industry.
  • Unique sidewall design.
  • For mid-size and executive segment.
  • Balanced handling on dry & wet surfaces.
  • Quiet, smooth ride.
  • Long life with improved end life durability.

Tyre Size Load Index & Speed Rating Type
195/65/R 15 91/V TL